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What worked for my acne was the drug-free way (part 2)

 What worked for my acne was the drug-free way (part 2)

What worked for my acne was the drug-free way

What worked for my acne was the drug-free way, In the hopes that you simply may have read the primary

installation of this series on acne treatment using drug free methods, I will be able to now proceed to offer

you a suggested diet menu-plan to stick to for an indoor acne remedy program.

This diet is predicated on the very fact that the physical body goes through a cleansing process from midnight until noon, and a building program from noon to 12 midnight.

Therefore, what's eaten during these respective periods must be harmonious with the natural processes.

Following this dietetic suggestion won't only lend to a successful acne treatment process internally, but also will cause an improvement in your overall health and fitness levels.

Acne Remedy: Suggested Diet Menu Plan


A choice of the subsequent

1. A tall glass of Fresh Squeezed fruit juice.

2. A tall glass of Fresh squeezed lemonade flavored with genuine maple Syrup (the darker the grade the better)


A mono-meal of organic fruit in season for instance Apples within the fall and winter, Melons within the summer, Berries in spring.


Fresh, home-made salads. Easy dressing might be

(a) juice, vegetable oil and un-iodized sea-salt

(b) Avocadoes or Green coconuts blended with tomatoes, and a few sea salt


Raw, and/or cooked root vegetables like Celery, Carrots, Potatoes, Plantains, raw or slightly heated fruit veggies (these are often blended into Soups or dressings for your salads).

This format adheres to a scientifically proven principle that the physical body goes through a cleansing process from midnight until noon.

And a building program from noon to 12 midnight, therefore your meals during these respective periods should be harmonious with the natural processes.

To augment this easy dietetic change and to focus on the basis explanation for your acne, I will be able to recommend what consistent with Philippus Paracelsus is “The greatest remedy-the physician within.”

That my friend may be a Fast. Believe me, once I say this easy sacrifice was what sped up the success of my acne treatment in about 3 days…literally! It's not a mistake to mention that it's a “cure-all” for each disease is known to man-when practiced properly.

Read also: what worked for my acne was the drug-free way (part 3)

Being radical in nature, there are several sources of data on how’s, when’s, the kinds, and definitions applicable to fasting on the web and supported my experience.

I even have made a selected chapter for fasting in my e-book-although you'll always type up Fasting, or Juice Fasting in your favorite program for your edification on the topic.

One more factor that I need to add is BY ALL MEANS AVOID THE MICROWAVE.

I learned this the hard-but thankfully-important way while engaging during a 2-week fast for spiritual reasons.

I used to be using this device to heat my water for the laxative tea that the fast involves and every time I consumed the tea, I immediately felt very weak and lethargic.

“Perhaps I’m detoxifying” i assumed, WRONG!

Not only was I extremely weak, the bumps that had since left me came right back, and through this specific fasting period.

Thankfully, my intuition was still intact, so, I analyzed everything i used to be consuming, gauged my previous experiences with fasting to the present period and came to the conclusion that it had to be the utilization of a microwave.

Since it had been the sole different procedure I had included. That said, I used an electrical stove instead and in but 48 hours.

The bumps were gone-never to return-and the expected strength that comes as another advantage of fasting was now present.

Microwave cooking is one among the foremost important causes of unhealthiness so avoid this so-called “convenience” device also.

Now that the interior aspects of your acne remedy is addressed. I will be able to address the external methods of acne treatment within the next installment of this series. It’s the last one my friend, but it's an integral a part of curing your acne naturally.


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