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9 Benefits of Working Remotely

Ready for your remote job of the future? Remote work trends are increasing and show no signs of slowing down. A few decades ago, working remotely would have outraged many managers that need to see a person in a seat 8hrs a day to believe someone is putting in effort. But things are changing and employers are enjoying some of the advatages of having remote employees. Here’s just a few of the remote companies hiring this year:

Here’s 9 important reasons why employers and employees are seeing the benefits of working remotely:

1. Flexibility

Lets start with the flexibility to be location independent. Most will chose to work from home and enjoy the extra flexibility with friends and family. You can spend more time with your children, parents, or best friend and be available more often for them.

You can also choose to work while traveling the world or doing things on their bucket list. Some “digital nomads” work from new places in different countries all the time. This digital nomad subreddit linked can give you some ideas on how to work remotely and travel at the same time.

Schedule flexibility is also a big plus! While a lack of a daily routine can be de-motivating for some people, others can make the most of it. Working remotely with a flexible schedule greatly benefits people with other responsibilities, such as child care or errands that need to be done during work hours.

Some people, who are naturally more independent than others, will enjoy managing their own schedule, rather than having to follow a schedule set by someone else. You can also work whenever you want, when you want – if you’re a night owl, there’s nothing to stop you starting work at midnight, and likewise if you are an early riser, you could start at 6am.

All you need is a laptop and an internet connection 🙂

2. Lower expenses

Working at home means you don’t have to commute to the office. This saves you money on gas or public transport costs. You’ll also save money on food and drinks – that morning coffee in a rush and occasional take-out can make the difference in your bank account. When you work remotely and can make your own food and drink from home as well as more easily cook food and go to the grocery store.

Bonus, you also don’t need to have a ‘work wardrobe’ in the same way you normally would.

3. Enjoy a better work-life balance

When you work from home or wherever you please, you are less stressed. You don’t have to spend hours in traffic trying to get to the office in time and you can use your lunch break for a refreshing nap, a quick workout or to catch up with a friend – activities that you would struggle to do if you worked in an office.

4. Help the Environment

Working remotely can reduce your carbon footprint. You’re not causing pollution from driving to an office, and you use less office supplies and plastic which is much better for the environment. As long as you keep your flying down (“Take one round-trip flight between New York and California, and you’ve generated about 20 percent of the greenhouse gases that your car emits over an entire year.”) you’re on the right track to a greener lifestyle.

5. Take on some new exciting challenges

Working remotely allows you to learn a whole host of new skills. You’ll learn about self-management as you take control of your own schedule, as well as time management as you meet deadlines. You’ll also have to look for your own answers rather than quickly asking a colleague.

6. Less sick days

If you have a bad cold or another illness, it can be so difficult to motivate yourself to go into the office. More importantly, it decreases everyone’s productivity if you get others sick. When you work from home, you can look after your needs while spending a bit of time on the computer, so you don’t need to take as many sick days and can save them for time off or when you really need it.

7. Slow it down or speed it up

The majority of people who work from home are able to choose their own pace for projects, which allows them to work at their own comfortable speed. You can choose to take a break or keep going with a task when the ideas are flowing.

8. There are advantages for employers – which also becomes an advantage for you

If your employer is happy with the situation, the more likely you’ll have a long term remote position. The advantages for employers are:

  • Cheaper – Less office supplies required, less office cost, and less office related costs and overhead.
  • Healthier– Remote workers have more time to look after their health and are less likely to go into the office to spread being sick.
  • Loyal-er – Staff who have a good work/life balance stick around longer.
  • Engaged– Staff who enjoy their work are more likely to be engaged with it and perform well.

– The JobUnlocker Team

P.S. Before you get too excited there are some disadvantages, make sure to review the 6 Downsides of Remote Jobs

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