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Study 1: Integrative Literature Reviews

April 2013 – September 2013
100% complete

A series of literature reviews on the experiences and unmet needs of parents of injured children and successful models of care delivery for severely injured children to provide a baseline of existing knowledge

Process and Status
A review of over 3,100 published research articles identified some of the priorities for families of children in hospital are to have the care tailored to the individual, flexibility of policies and improved coordination of care, information about resources, and emotional care.

There was not one model reported that addressed the care of the child and family throughout their trauma journey, from the time they arrive at hospital, to the time the child and family is settled back into their lives at home.

This work, alongside information gained from a daily patient tracking tool piloted at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Adelaide has informed the job description of the family care coordinator about to be advertised at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Adelaide.

The results of this study were presented at the NSW Kids and Families Paediatric Injury Prevention and Management Research Forum in August 2014.

A link to the published study in the Journal of Paediatric Medicine is here.

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