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Study 4A; How is care provided for paediatric trauma patients and their families?

July 2013 – December 2015
100% complete


On the day of a critical injury, parents are thrust into a new and threatening world and one of parents’ most severe stressors is being completely reliant on the medical team to save their child’s life.  The research team is mapping the processes and environments of care to the injured child once they are admitted to hospital.  This is important as the family experience is likely to be intertwined with the context of care delivery, and has never been investigated before.

Process and Status
The models of care, protocols, care plans and resources will be determined by liaising with the Trauma Coordinator and health care professionals at each hospital. The hospitals included in this study are; the Children’s Hospital Westmead, the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Adelaide and the Royal Children’s Hospital Brisbane.

Staff focus groups will be conducted at each participating hospital. Focus groups encourage discussion of the current model of care for families of critically injured children and elicit staff suggestions for the improvement of services.

Interviews of the trauma coordinators at 5 paediatric trauma centres have now been conducted, and over 150 surveys completed by nurses, doctors and allied health clinicians about their views on the strengths and weaknesses in care provision for parents in their hospital. Results will be available early 2015.

A major outcome of this study is a comprehensive understanding of the contexts and existing models of care for the injured child and their family to inform the design of study 4B

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