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Study 4B; The implementation and evaluation of a pilot Family Care Coordinator.

January 2014 – December 2015
99% complete

When a child is taken to hospital with a serious injury or multiple injuries, the existing practice of allocating a Social Worker for each ‘specialist’ means that parents need to re-tell their ‘story’ each time they change departments.  Anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that a single ‘Family Care Coordinator’ will more comprehensively and efficiently support vulnerable families as they struggle to accept a new future.

Process and Status
A Family Care Coordinator was appointed in December 2014 at South Australia’s Women’s & Children’s Hospital to work with existing specialists to coordinate and navigate over the continuum of care and trauma journey whilst reporting findings to the research team. This study will identify factors that support the successful implementation of the role, and outcomes related to implementation of the role. Findings will provide valuable information for healthcare practice, policy and service provision for injured children and their families.

This pilot position of a Family Care Coordinator, fully funded by the Coopers Foundation and the Day of Difference Foundation has been appointed for a period of 12 months.

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