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Study 5; Are severely injured children being treated at the right hospital?

March 2014 – December 2016
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It is essential to consider the acute component of the trauma journey as there are many physical and emotional stressors associated with the transport process. Currently, severely injured children are transported by ambulance to the nearest trauma centre with specialised staff and resources to treat the complexities of severe injury.  In 2010 a review found that seriously injured children were between 3 to 6 times more likely to survive their injuries than at an adult trauma centre.  Ambulance protocols do not mandate that children be transported directly to a paediatric trauma centre.

Process and Status
All children who were severely injured in NSW in the most recent 2 year time period will be identified from coroners and paediatric trauma centre data.  A retrospective clinical audit will be undertaken. Each patient record will be peer-reviewed by an expert panel to determine appropriateness of care. This study will provide evidence to change pre-hospital ambulance protocols for paediatric trauma and streamlining of the preliminary trauma journey for children and families.

This evaluation to determine if severely injured children are receiving appropriate care has been enhanced to incorporate a 12 month follow-up of severely injured children, a strategy to change health policy and an evaluation of the changes that will be implemented. Doing this will enable us to link long term outcomes of children and the type of care they received.

In November 2014, the Day of Difference Foundation agreed to additionally funding this component of the program by $70,000.  The partnership with the University of Sydney also achieved a renowned NHMRC grant of $501,000 ensuring we will be able to translate research into practice; the holy grail of all researchers.

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