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Study 6; What are the needs of parents of severely injured children in Australia?

September 2017 – July 2018
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This study is a large-scale, national, cross-sectional study of the needs of families of children who have been severely to critically injured.

Process and Status
Parents of newly injured children, through to those whose children were injured at the beginning of the research program, will be invited to complete a validated survey assessing their unmet support, information and practical needs, as well as their current levels of psychological distress (anxiety, depression and stress).

The survey will also elicit parents’ suggestions as to what services they would (or would have) most valued at different time points after their child’s injury. The survey scope will be based on the results of study 4A and 4B.

Synthesis of the findings from each phase of the research will be formulated into recommendations for improving the family experience. Once these recommendations and interventions are implemented, they will be evaluated in relation to the family experience and health service efficiency.

Examples of interventions may be the development of an educational program for staff caring for the injured child and their family or the development of a resilience support tool kit for parents.

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